We have the experience, technical knowledge, and flexibility to offer our clients the very best in value and performance:  
Direct sales and/or installation of equipment
· Sales and/or installation of equipment to other contractors
· Custom design/build capabilities
· We can subcontract to mechanical or general contractors
· Extensive replacement parts inventory in our warehouse
· Pollution liability insurance
We specialize in the installation of fluid handling equipment:  

· Underground Storage Tanks for Petroleum and Chemical Products
· Aboveground Storage Tanks for Petroleum and Chemical Products
· Oil Water Separator Tanks
· Single and Double Wall Fiberglass Piping
· Direct Bury and Secondary Containment Flexible Piping Systems
· Electronic and Mechanical Dispensers and Pumps
· Card Readers and Fuel Management systems
· Day Tank and Emergency Fuel Supply Systems
· Tank and Product Line Monitoring Systems
· Process Control Devices
· Bulk Plants and Tank Farms
· Automated Fueling Sites
· Underground Storage Tank Removal and Disposal

 We are experts in servicing your fueling equipment: 
· Pump and Dispenser Repairs
· Fuel Management Systems and Automatic Tank Gauge Repairs
· Meter Calibration Service
· Tank and line testing
· Emergency power fuel system repairs
· Preventative maintenance service contracts


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