At H. Domine Enterprises, Inc. we offer innovative solutions of the highest quality for your fluid handling needs. We specialize in designing and building fluid handling systems for fleet fueling, industrial, commercial, municipal, marine, aviation, and emergency generator fuel supply clients. Our experience, innovation, quality and cost effective implementation are unmatched in the industry.

Herman Domine founded H. Domine Enterprises, Inc. in 1974. Our operation started out small - with two men and a backhoe. We soon grew, building on our successes and seeking out new opportunities. In 1976 H. Domine Enterprises expanded to servicing the DT&I railroad and some of the major pipeline terminals in the Detroit area. In 1986 the company moved to our present location in Brownstown, Michigan.

Our qualified personnel are trained in all facets of tank removal and installation, piping, excavation, electrical work, and fluid handling applications, specification, and compliance issues.

Flexibility and innovation of design set us apart from our competitors. At H. Domine Enterprises, we welcome the challenge of finding the best, most cost effective design solutions for even those "difficult" projects. "When there is a will - there is a way" at H. Domine Enterprises.

In the new millennium our company has embraced new technologies, rely on past experience, and continue to remain flexible and innovative in providing costeffective solutions for your fluid handling needs. We have the products, services, and expertise necessary for a safe, reliable and compliant operation.

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